Last updated: March 5th, 2014

UC = University College Building


Registration and refreshments (12-1 pm)

SESSION I  (1-2.30 pm)

Panel A (UC224A)


Moderator: Nandita Dutta

The Pose: Reading Utopia in Mayakovski and the Dead Boys – Katie Grant (Western)

Hockey Clichés: Mere Stupidity or Pure Wisdom? – James Southworth (Western)

Emerging National Identities in Filipino Popular Culture – Christian Ylagan (Western)

Panel B (UC 225A)


Moderator: Jaime R. Brenes Reyes

Animal Agents in Russian Fairytales – Zora Kadyrbekova (McGill)

Foolosophy: Brevity in Folk Stories of Mullah Nasruddin – Ramanpreet Kaur (Western)

Coffee Break (2.30-3 pm, UC 225)

SESSION II (3-4.30 pm)

Panel A (UC 224A)


Moderator: Natalya Domina

Feelings Sustaining Text – Mikhail Pozdniakov (Western)

Melancholy Moods and the Soul of the Aphorism – Kevin Godbout (Western)

Stupid, Dumb Idiot: On the Genius of Wittgenstein in the ‘Method’ of the Laconic Clear-Confused – Curtis Allen (Western)

Panel B (UC 225A)


Moderator: Elika Ortega

Encuentros sutiles: Sobre la demonización de Lautréamont en Los Raros de Darío – Jaime R. Brenes Reyes (Western)

Blue Label / Etiqueta Azul, un símbolo en su brevedad – Ana González (Western)

Coffee Break (4.30-5pm, UC 225)

#Keynote (5-6.30 pm, UC 224A)

“Elegant Code: Brevity and Human-Computer Interaction” – Mark McDayter (Western)

Moderator: Natalia Caldas (Western)

Outing at the Grad Club (7.30 pm)


Registration 9-10 am (UC 142)

SESSION III (10 – 11 am)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Angela Borchert

Philosophy in Pieces: The Necessity of the Aphorism in Nietzsche and Wittgenstein – Jonathan Doerring (Western)

Walter Benjamin’s Literary Aura: A Stylistic and Thematic Analysis of One Way Street – Stephanie Chapman (UOregon)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Javier de la Rosa

Code-switching as Brevity (in Spanish) – Fiona Hurley (Western)

Evidence of liquid neutralization in Seville (in Spanish) – Esperanza Ruiz-Pena (Western)

Coffee Break (11-11.30 am, UC 142)

SESSION IV (11.30 am – 1 pm)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Amberle Tannahill

The Proto-Pixel Art of Malevich and Kandinsky: Black Square and Its Digital Descendants – Irina Lyubchenko (Ryerson/York)

Art as Cure: Ailments and Antidotes in the short works of Remedios Varo – Aya Ishai (Western)

The Ephemeral Dreamscapes of Burning Man – Allison Schulz (San Diego)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Cristina Carracchini

The Aesthetic of Fragmentation and the Discontinuity of the Self in Pessoa’s Book of Disquiet – Ishan Dasgupta (Western)

When to “Open It” Only Meant Untying the Pyjama Strings: Partition and Narrativity Gone Astray – Sarbani Banerjee (Western)

The Words that Break the Silence: Piecing Together Sappho’s Remains – Anda Pleniceanu (Western)

Lunch Break (1-3 pm, UC 201)

SESSION V (3-4 pm)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Christian Ylagan

Bakhtin’s Carnival: Regulating the Grotesque Human Body – Natalya Domina (Western)

Benjamin’s Interpretation of the Work of Art and the Abbreviation of History – Adrian Mioc (Western)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Sebastien Ruffo

An Army of Decapitated Synecdoches, Limping Metalepses and Dead Metaphors dispatched to “Rescue” Muslim Woman – Mehraneh Ebrahimi (Western)

The I and the Other in Antonio Machado’s ‘Proverbios y cantares’ – Anastasiya Stoyneva (Temple)

Coffee Break (4 – 4.30 pm, UC 201)

#Keynote (4.30 – 6 pm, UC 142)

“Brevity and Wit: Satirical Cartoons and the Reception of Futurism” – Luca Somigli (Toronto)

Moderator: Andrea Privitera (Western)

Registered Conference Dinner at Moxie’s Downtown (6:30 – 8 pm)


Registration (9-10 am, UC 207)

Session VI (10 – 11 am)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Itziri Brown Villamar

Because Twitter:  A linguistic analysis of language use on the social networking site Twitter – Monica McMillan (Western)

Twitter Fiction and Participatory Culture – Nandita Dutta (Western)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Diana Botero

“Gracias, no quiero nada por ahora”: Input y Enfoque en la Forma (FonF) en la adquisición de la doble negación en el Español como Segundo Idioma – Yolanda Pangtay Chang (Western)

Brevedad en el procesamiento del lenguaje formuláico – Jaime Ontiveros (Western)

Coffee Break (11-11:30 am, UC 142)

Session VII (11.30 am – 1 pm)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Maria Laura Mosco

A Conversation with Oscar Wilde – Pamela Worth  (UMass Boston)

Words Over Time, or Narrative Efficiency in the Novel – Trisha Urmi Banerjee (Harvard)

The Modernist Short Story – Andrea Privitera (Western)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Jimena Zambrano

Microrrelato del “saber vivir” en su doble acepción normativa-descriptiva: más allá de la

parodia y los finales sorprendentes; lo reflexivo – Ary Malaver (Georgia)

Macorges: poéticas de la escritura y la lectura – Juan Ríos Campillo (Western), Mohammed Jamil Afana (Western)

La temporalidad de lo breve – Vanina Noejovich (McMaster)

Lunch Break (1 – 2.30 pm)

SESSION VIII (2.30-4 pm)

Panel A (UC 205)


Moderator: Marjorie Ratcliffe

Mapping Labour in the Creative Industries – Vanessa Del Carpio (York/Ryerson)

What do we talk about when we talk about brevity? – Robin Bergart (Guelph)

Panel B (UC 288)


Moderator: Antonio Jimenez-Mavillard

Nota roja y minificción: relatos criminales en las gacetillas de periódicos mexicanos del siglo XIX – Giordano Palma (UNAM)

En pocas palabras: Humberto Ak’abal y la cabalidad de su expresión poética – Slawomira (Suava) Hastedt (Western)

La ciudad, Borgues y el destino en “El cantor de Tangos” de Tomás E. Martinez – Javier Sepulveda (Western)

Coffee Break (4-4.30 pm)

#Roundtable (4.30-6 pm, UC 142)

Moderator: Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu (Western)


Regna Darnell (Western)
Mark McDayter (Western)
Luca Somigli (Toronto)
Kevin Godbout (Western)
Elika Ortega (Western)

Outing at The Spoke (6 – 8 pm)


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