Month: February 2014

Updates on Accommodation, Transportation, and Panels

We have a few announcements to make in regards to the 16th Annual Modern Languages and Literatures Conference on Brevity at Western University.

  1. On this page you will find some information on accomodation, such as hotels and hostels. In addition, for those with a restricted budget, some of our graduate students are offering a place to crash. Send us an email if you need more information. Please note we are offering this on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Since most of the lodging will be located off campus we have provided information on transportation on bus routes and taxi services.
  3. Panel schedules have been made. Please inform us of any corrections.
  4. A form is available on the conference blog that should be filled out by February 15, 2014 for our conference dinner held on Friday March 7, 2014.
Let us know of any questions or concerns.
Thank you, and we will see you in a month!
Natalia and Andrea